Our Curriculum


Every Child Matters

The aim of Croughton All Saints CE Primary School is to provide an interesting and enjoyable learning experience for all our children. Children’s time in school is precious and there is much to do during the primary years. We believe in children having sufficient time to engage with their learning at a deep, rather than shallow level.

Learning is complex; it is not necessarily linear. It occurs when children are in a learning environment, secure and motivated. Positive learning, we believe, should be rich and engaging where children are not afraid to make mistakes. Knowledge is then accumulated, skills become more sophisticated; independence and creativity increase. The skills based approach ensures children are prepared for and focused on challenge. These skills are:

  1. Motivational Skills

  2. Application Skills

  3. Learning Skills

Creativity is the essence of ‘skills-based’ learning. To achieve continuity in learning, skills are taught and applied with increasing complexity. There are opportunities to practice and apply skills across subjects as more than one skill can be used to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding.

In order for this to occur we design a spiral curriculum, based on the new National Curriculum 2014, and built around the children’s interests. It is defined by three main strands; vision, resourcefulness and originality. Teachers facilitate these important elements as they plan a spiral curriculum.  Our curriculum maps combine learning in five curriculum subjects – science, geography, history, art and design technology – within a theme based approach. Where English and Maths, RE, SMSC and British Values can be woven into our planning to add benefit and relevance, these form part of the plan. Subjects may also need to be taught discreetly to ensure breadth and balance. This curriculum design is carefully planned at the start of the year to ensure we have a shared vision, we take into account the needs of our children and we also respond to local issues.   

Our curriculum design is in line with the government’s agenda in ‘Every Child Matters’ and is linked to our Christian Values which underpin all that we do. Through our curriculum design we aim to develop the following personal qualities so children learn how to learn:

  1. Integrity – being honest, to oneself and others
  2. Self-sufficiency – showing independence in thought and action
  3. Creativity – possessing personal vision; being original, resourceful
  4. Personal Responsibility – taking initiative oneself without being told
  5. Empathy – understanding others and being able to appreciate how they see things
  6. Self-belief – the personal conviction that one can achieve; success is always possible, and usually likely
  7. Positivity – being an optimistic learner who continually tries hard and takes a positive approach when difficulties arise

Details of each classes curriculum and their current Big Picture can be viewed on the class pages.