At Croughton All Saints we have a whole school nurturing approach and universal focus on wellbeing.

In September 2019 we employed a part time ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant). When a child has emotional, social or psychological difficulties, their capacity to learn can be affected and there is a knock on effect on the learning of other pupils in the class. The role of the ELSA is to add another level of attention, care and support to enable children to feel better about themselves and cope with the school day. We aim to establish a warm, respectful relationship with the children and provide a reflective space in The Burrow where they can share honestly their thoughts and feelings.

What does an ELSA do?

The ELSA works closely with the SENCo and delivers individual or small group programmes of support covering aspects of emotional literacy including emotional awareness, self-esteem, anger management, social and friendship skills. Therapeutic approaches including Theraplay, Lego Therapy, Relax kids and Drawing and Talking are used to teach social and emotional skills, to build self esteem and help children with predictable change, including meet and greet at the start of the day.

Children are referred to the ELSA by the class teacher, Senior Leader or SENCO. We discuss the request with parents and keep them fully informed of our concerns, our aims and progress.

The Burrow is also used as a room where parents can meet with the ELSA to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their child’s wellbeing.

Croughton All Saints CE Primary School is a Nurturing school

The Six Principles of Nurture

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
  • The classroom/school offers a safe base.
  • Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem.
  • Language is understood as a vital means of communication.
  • All behaviour is communication.
  • Transitions are significant in the lives of children.

We work as a team to develop and embed these six principles of nurture so they are demonstrated each day. At Croughton All Saints, we pride our selves on creating a supportive ethos and nurturing climate where all staff know each individual child and can identify specific needs and intervene early if necessary. All staff receive training to understand risk and resilience to actively respond to problems and difficulties. The senior leadership team also promotes wellbeing of staff in the work place.